Who Is The Protagonist In The Great Gatsby: WHO IS THE PROTAGONIST OF THE GREAT GATSBY?


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    Who Is The Protagonist In The Great Gatsby: WHO IS THE PROTAGONIST OF THE GREAT GATSBY?

    Are you a literature enthusiast who has read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and wondered who the protagonist really is? Is it the mysterious millionaire, Jay Gatsby, or is it Nick Carraway, the narrator of the story? This debate has been ongoing for decades, with no clear consensus in sight. In this blog post, we’ll explore both characters’ roles and examine why some argue one way while others disagree. So sit back and join us as we try to answer: Who is the protagonist of The Great Gatsby?

    Thesis Statement

    The protagonist of The Great Gatsby is Jay Gatsby. Throughout the entire novel, Jay Gatsby is constantly in the forefront of the reader’s mind. He is the one who drives the plot and action forward. In fact, without Jay Gatsby, there would be no story at all.

    Although Nick Carraway is a very important character in The Great Gatsby, he cannot truly be called the protagonist. His role is more like that of an observer or sidekick. Nick only interacts with Jay Gatsby and other key characters in the novel for brief periods of time, and he does not have as much control over what happens as Jay does.

    Therefore, it can be safely said that Jay Gatsby is the true protagonist of The Great Gatsby.


    Get ready to dive into the glamorous and mysterious world of West Egg because in this post, we’re answering the age-old question – Who is the protagonist in The Great Gatsby? F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel has been widely regarded as one of the greatest works of American fiction, but who actually carries this story on their shoulders? Is it Jay Gatsby or Nick Carraway? Or maybe someone else entirely? Let’s explore together and find out just who steals our hearts throughout this iconic tale.

    The Great Gatsby: The Protagonist

    The protagonist of The Great Gatsby is Nick Carraway, a Yale graduate who has settled in the Midwest. He is married to Daisy Buchanan and they have one child, Jay. Nick is a moderately successful, if somewhat self-obsessed, businessman.

    He is first introduced to Gatsby when he drives by his mansion one day and sees that Gatsby has erected a large flagpole in his yard. Intrigued by this unusual behavior, Nick goes over to investigate and begins to get to know Gatsby.

    Nick soon realizes that Gatsby is an extraordinary man and he becomes fascinated with him. He also becomes concerned about Gatsby’s well-being because he knows that Gatsby has been struggling financially.

    Nick decides to help Gatsby out and starts giving him money. This support helps Gatsby start rebuilding his life and he eventually becomes friends with Nick. In the end, Nick comes to see Gatsby as a brother figure and trusts him implicitly.

    In order to understand who the protagonist of The Great Gatsby is, it’s important to look at the character’s motivations. Nick is primarily motivated by curiosity and friendship towards Gatsby, which puts him in a unique position compared to other characters in the novel.

    Other key characters include Jordan Baker (a young woman who briefly dates Tom Buchanan), Daisy Buchanan (Nick’s wife), Jay Batchelor (Nick’s son), and Gatsby himself. Each of these characters has their own motivations for interacting with Gatsby, which can be seen in the way that they treat him.

    Overall, it is clear that Nick is the protagonist of The Great Gatsby. He is the one who is closest to Gatsby and spends the most time with him, so he is best able to understand and portray his character.


    The protagonist in The Great Gatsby is clearly Nick Carraway, as he narrates the events of the novel and provides a clear perspective on who is involved. Daisy Buchanan seems to be involved with Dr. T.J. Eckleburg more than anything else, but she never really takes center stage and remains very mysterious throughout the story. Jay Gatsby seems to be the most important character in the novel, as his presence can be felt from beginning to end and his relationship with Daisy is pivotal to understanding much of what happens plot-wise.

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