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    Where Does The Power Of A Punch Come From: DOES PUNCHING POWER COME FROM MY BACK OR MY ARM?

    Have you ever wondered where the power of a punch comes from? Is it all in your arm muscles, or does your back play a crucial role too? As someone who’s always been fascinated by martial arts and boxing, I’ve often asked myself this question. So, I decided to do some research and get to the bottom of it. In this blog post, we’ll explore the science behind punching power and answer the age-old question: Does punching power come from my back or my arm? Get ready for an informative and exciting read!

    What is the Power of a Punch?

    Power comes from many different places, but punching power is usually derived from the back of your hand. This is because the muscles in your back are bigger and stronger than the muscles in your arm. When you punch, these muscles help to power your fist forward.

    The Anatomy of the Arm and Back

    The power of a punch comes from the force exerted by your arm and shoulder muscles. When you punch, the muscles in your arm and shoulder contract and cause your fist to fly outwards. The power of a punch comes from the tension in these muscles.

    How Does the Power of a Punch Come From?

    A punch is powered by the muscles in your back and arm. Your back muscles power your shoulder and arm muscles deliver the punch. The force of a punch comes from the rotational inertia of your arm, not the strength of your back. Try punching a heavy bag without using your back muscles and you’ll see why!


    Punching power comes from two places – the back and the arm. The back is responsible for generating power while the arm delivers it. This is why you need to have strong shoulders and a strong core in order to punch powerfully. In addition, punching with your back will also protect your spine.

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