When Do Naruto And Sasuke Lose Their Arms: WHY DO NARUTO AND SASUKE LOSE THEIR ARMS?


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    When Do Naruto And Sasuke Lose Their Arms: WHY DO NARUTO AND SASUKE LOSE THEIR ARMS?

    Welcome to a post that explores the unanswered questions of Naruto and Sasuke’s fate. The epic battles fought by these powerful ninja warriors have left fans in awe and shock, but there’s one question that lingers on everyone’s mind: “Why do Naruto and Sasuke lose their arms?” In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the reasons behind their sacrifice, uncovering the answers you’ve been searching for. So buckle up as we take a closer look at this pivotal moment in the anime series!

    Naruto and Sasuke Lose Their Arms in the Manga

    In the manga, Naruto and Sasuke lose their arms after being attacked by Kabuto. The exact circumstances of how their arms are lost are not fully explained, but it is clear that they were cut off. As a result, they are temporarily unable to use them.

    The question of why Naruto and Sasuke lose their arms has fascinated fans for years. There is some speculation that the loss of their arms may be related to the power of the Mangekyō Sharingan. According to Shikamaru’s interpretation of the Third Hokage’s will, the eyesight of a person who inherits his or her father’s Mangekyō Sharingan is incredibly powerful. This could mean that if Naruto or Sasuke had retained their original arms, they would have been able to use the full power of the Mangekyō Sharingan.

    In the Anime, Why Do Naruto and Sasuke Lose Their Arms?

    There are several different explanations for why Naruto and Sasuke lose their arms in the anime.

    One reason is that they are sealed inside their bodies by Jiraiya. This limits their abilities and makes them unable to use their arms.

    Another explanation is that Orochimaru cut off their arms because he wanted to punish them for refusing to join his side.

    Sasuke also loses his arm after killing Itachi, who was trying to protect him from Naruto’s attack.

    What Really Happens When Naruto and Sasuke Lose Their Arms

    As the story progresses, it is revealed that both Naruto and Sasuke have a curse placed on them by the Uchiha clan’s patriarch, Itachi. The curse is a result of Sasuke trying to kill his own brother, Naruto. The elder Uchiha believed that it was more important for Sasuke to succeed as heir to the clan than protect Naruto, who he viewed as a hindrance. This eventually caused Sasuke to become estranged from his family and turn into a bitter and revenge-driven person.

    The Curse of Hatred:

    The curse causes anyone who bears it (Naruto and Sasuke) to lose their arms at some point in their lives. The exact moment of loss is not known beforehand, but it usually happens when someone goes through great emotional pain or when they are confronting someone they hate deeply. In order to prevent either Naruto or Sasuke from losing their arms prematurely, Kakashi placed a special seal on them so that their enemies would not be able to use any chakra-based attacks on them directly. However, due to the influence of the cursed mask, Madara was also able to bypass this seal. Ultimately, this led to his battle with Naruto where he used Susanoo’s sword arm ability which cut off both of Naruto’s legs below the knee .

    There are several factors that contribute to why these arms might eventually disappear:

    1) The Arms Race:
    Sasuke became obsessed with obtaining power after learning about the Uchiha clan’s Infinite Tsukuyomi ability. He eventually became determined to find a way to break the seal so that he could use the full power of the jinchūriki. Because Naruto is naturally stronger than Sasuke, losing his arms would significantly handicap him in this race.

    2) The Curse’s Influence:
    The cursed mask has a special ability known as “the Sharingan’s Eye Technique”, which allows people to see the chakra pathways within others’ bodies. This makes it very easy for Madara to target Naruto’s arms since he already knows where they are located. Additionally, because Naruto and Sasuke have a strong emotional connection to their arms, their emotions can also affect their arms in negative ways. For example, when Sasuke was about to kill Itachi, his hatred caused his arm to turn into a snake.

    3) Arms Farming:
    In general, people are not able to regenerate lost limbs, which means that someone who loses an arm will usually have to replace it with a prosthetic or transplant. Because of this, there is an active market for human arms which can be bought or stolen. This is especially true for countries with developing economies where people may be willing to sell their limbs for cheaper than they would pay for a prosthetic.

    The final outcome of losing one’s arms is usually painful, frustrating, and sometimes even deadly.

    Why Did Naruto Lose His Arm in the First Place?

    Naruto lost his arm in the first place because of a curse placed on him by the Kiri Shinobi Council. The curse made Naruto lose his arm, but also gave him the ability to regenerate it. In order to stop the curse from spreading, Naruto and Sasuke have to find the Yasuri no Sato, or the Miraculous Wand of Healing.

    How Do We Get Clues About What Happened to Naruto and Sasuke’s Arms?

    There are several theories as to how Naruto and Sasuke lose their arms, but the most likely explanation is that they were either afflicted by a powerful curse or attacked by someone with genjutsu who was skilled in arm-severing techniques. If a powerful curse is the cause, it’s possible that the curse was placed on them by Jiraiya or Orochimaru. A genjutsu expert could have used illusions to make Naruto and Sasuke believe that their arms had been cut off; once they believed it, it would have been easy for the assailant to sever their arms. In addition, if an arm-severing technique was used, there’s a good chance that the attacker knew about the Amaterasu sword – an ancient jutsu capable of cutting through any kind of defense.


    Manga fans all over the world were saddened when it was announced that Naruto and Sasuke would no longer be able to wield their iconic arms. The story of how these two characters lose their arms is a complex one, but we’ve pieced together the most likely explanation for why in this article. Read on to learn more about what happened and why it matters to the plot of the manga and anime.

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