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    What Would Happen If A Gorilla Punched You: WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF A GORILLA PUNCHES A HUMAN?

    Are you curious about what would happen if a gorilla punched you? Well, we’ve got some answers for you. While it’s unlikely that you’ll ever find yourself in this situation, it’s still fascinating to ponder the possibilities. In this post, we’ll explore what would happen if a gorilla were to punch a human and the potential consequences of such an encounter. So buckle up and get ready for some wild speculation!

    What Is A Gorilla?

    A great way to start off the day is by learning about gorillas! Gorillas are one of the oldest living primates and can be found in Africa. They are often referred to as “the king of the jungle.” Gorillas are massive creatures, weighing in at around 180 pounds on average!

    What Would Happen If A Gorilla Punches A Human?

    If a gorilla punched a human, the human would most likely be injured. The gorilla’s fist would make contact with the human’s face and body, potentially causing fractures and other injuries. The force of the punch could cause the human to fall to the ground where they may be trampled by other gorillas in the group. In extreme cases, the human could die as a result of their injuries.

    The Damage That Could Occur

    If a gorilla punched you in the face, your nose might fracture and bleed. You could suffer a concussion or other head injuries. Your eyesight could be affected and you might lose teeth. The gorilla’s fist might also cause your nose to collapse and put pressure on your brain.

    Protecting Yourself From Attack

    If a gorilla punches you, your body would react differently than if a human punched you. First off, the gorilla’s fist is going at around 220 miles per hour, so it would hurt quite a bit more. Additionally, their arm is much longer than a human’s and they have more muscle mass. Finally, gorillas are much stronger than humans and their teeth are sharper. So, if you’re unfortunate enough to get punched by a gorilla, there are some things you can do to protect yourself.


    If a gorilla punched you in the face, what would happen? Would it cause instant death like most people assume? In fact, if the punch was powerful enough and inflicted on your skull, there is a small chance that you could die from asphyxiation or blood loss. However, chances are that unless the gorilla was extremely strong and punching with all its might, you would survive with just some bruises and perhaps a concussion. So, take heart – no matter how large and scary an animal seems, odds are it’s unlikely to kill you with one punch.

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