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    As two of the most iconic characters in anime history, Naruto and Sasuke have battled it out time and time again. But this latest showdown is like nothing we’ve seen before. With Naruto unleashing his highly anticipated Baryon Mode, fans are left wondering: can Sasuke keep up? In this post, we’ll explore just how powerful Baryon Mode really is and whether or not it puts Naruto on equal footing with his rival. Get ready for an epic clash of titans!

    What is Baryon Mode?

    Baryon mode is a state that Naruto can enter in which he becomes far stronger than usual. This mode was first seen during the Chunin Exams when Naruto used it to defeat Gaara. In this mode, Naruto’s chakra becomes much more powerful and his speed and strength increase drastically. It is unknown if Sasuke has achieved this state as well, but based on their previous encounters it seems unlikely. If Sasuke were to achieve Baryon mode, it would give him a significant advantage over Naruto in their upcoming fight.

    What are the benefits of Baryon Mode?

    Baryon mode is a new form that Naruto has been using in recent arcs. This form allows Naruto to access the power of the Baryon Balls, which are items that grant tremendous strength and power.

    The benefits of using Baryon mode are manifold. For one, it gives Naruto an immense boost in strength and power. Secondly, it allows him to use techniques that are normally beyond his reach due to their level of complexity or power. Finally, using Baryon mode grants Naruto immunity to all forms of ninjutsu and genjutsu.

    Is Sasuke finally on Naruto’s level?

    Is Sasuke finally on Naruto’s level? In terms of power, there is no denying that Sasuke has surpassed Naruto in a number of ways. However, it is often difficult to determine just how far Sasuke has come.

    Naruto was able to defeat two of the strongest Kage-level Shinobi (Sasuke and Itachi) with relative ease. In contrast, Sasuke was able to only defeat an unknown ninja who was relatively weaker than him. Furthermore, when fighting against Kabuto, Naruto was able to essentially use his Jinchuuriki form to its fullest potential while Sasuke barely survived due to Kabuto’s manipulation.

    It should also be noted that Sasuke has not been able to achieve any lasting victory against Naruto. Even after managing to gain significant upper hand for a period of time, he always ends up losing in the end. This is likely because Naruto possesses a unique ability that allows him to adapt and overcome virtually any obstacle in his way.

    Despite these disparities, there are several factors that suggest that Sasuke may have finally leveled up compared to when they first met as children. First and foremost, Sasuke has noticeably become more aggressive and ruthless in his fights over the years. This is evident in his interactions with Orochimaru and Kisame where he exhibited little concern for their well-being and displayed an unwillingness to hesitate or show mercy towards his opponents (Kisame in particular).

    This change can be partially attributed to the fact that Sasuke has been isolated from the rest of the world for so long and has consequently lost any sense of morality or empathy. In contrast, Naruto has had to face many challenges and hardships throughout his life but has still remained relatively kind-hearted.

    Sasuke’s also improved speed, strength and reflexes are also likely due to his rigorous training under Orochimaru. While it is still not on par with Naruto’s abilities, these enhancements would be enough to give him a significant edge in a one-on-one fight.


    So, who wins? Naruto in Baryon Mode or Sasuke in Sage Mode? It’s tough to say – but it’s clear that they are both pretty powerful now. There is no doubt that Naruto has improved a lot since he entered the baryon mode; however, Sasuke’s skills seem to be improving at a much faster rate. With all this power on their sides, it will be interesting to see which one can emerge as the victor come Episode Boruto Season 3.

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