Name Something You Can’T Do On An Airplane: WHAT ARE THINGS YOU CAN AND CAN’T DO ON A PLANE?


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    Name Something You Can’T Do On An Airplane: WHAT ARE THINGS YOU CAN AND CAN’T DO ON A PLANE?

    As you board your next flight, there’s one question that may pop up in your mind – What exactly can and can’t you do on an airplane? From catching up on sleep to indulging in a good book, the possibilities seem endless. However, there are certain things that simply aren’t allowed while flying at 40,000 feet. So buckle up as we explore some of the dos and don’ts of air travel and name something you can’t do on an airplane!

    What you CAN’t do on an airplane

    You CANNOT have food or drink in your carry-on bag. You CANNOT bring any type of aerosol spray with you on the plane. You CANNOT bring any type of weapon onto the plane, including knives, firearms, or even fake weapons. And finally, you CANNOT put anything that could block emergency exits or obstruct a crew member’s view inside the airplane.

    Things you CAN do on an airplane

    Some things you can do on an airplane:
    – Sit in your seat and enjoy the views
    – Change your seat if it’s uncomfortable
    – Get a drink from the convenience store
    – Use the restroom
    – Work on your laptop or tablet

    What to bring on an airplane

    If you’re traveling with a carry-on bag and want to avoid TSA hassles, be sure to pack the following items:

    -A one- quart-sized plastic bag for each piece of luggage you are bringing onto the plane. Place your checked bags inside these bags.
    -Your carry-on bag and any personal items you want to take along with you (such as books or a laptop).
    -Any medications you need for regular medical treatment that are in compliance with airline regulations. You may also bring along any emergency supplies that are necessary for an unexpected situation, such as food, water, a flashlight, first aid kit and thermal blankets.
    -Electronic devices including cameras and portable music players must be placed in hard cases or inside a separate checked bag. Devices that meet the size and weight requirements can be put in your carry on bag.

    Transportation while travelling

    If you’re like most people, you probably think of airplane travel as a way to get to your destination quickly and without any hassles. But there are a few things you can’t do on an airplane: You can’t drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or use illegal drugs. And you definitely can’t bring any weapons onto the plane.

    You also can’t bring food or drinks into the cabin with you, except for limited amounts that are placed in sealed containers in your checked luggage. And finally, if you’re flying with children, be sure to read about some of the restrictions that apply to them when travelling by air.

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