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    Are you in the market for a Samsung Galaxy S8 but wondering if it has a removable battery? You’ve come to the right place. The debate over whether or not smartphones should have removable batteries is ongoing, and with the release of each new device, consumers eagerly want to know the answer. In this blog post, we’ll set the record straight once and for all: does the Samsung Galaxy S8 have a removable battery? Get ready to find out!

    The Battery on the Galaxy S8

    The battery on the Galaxy S8 is a non-removable, lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3,000mAh. The battery has an integrated wireless charging coil, allowing it to be charged wirelessly using any Qi-certified wireless charger. The Galaxy S8 also supports fast charging, meaning it can be charged from 0% to 100% in under an hour and a half.

    How to Remove the Battery on the Galaxy S8

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    The new Samsung Galaxy S8 was just released and one of its most anticipated features is its battery. So, is the battery removable on the Galaxy S8? The answer is yes! Here’s how to remove the battery on the Galaxy S8:

    1. First, power down your device.
    2. Next, locate the SIM card tray on the top of the phone.
    3. Using a small tool, such as a paperclip or SIM ejector tool, press in on the small hole next to the tray.
    4. The tray should pop out slightly. Gently pull it out of the phone.
    5. Once the tray is removed, you will see a small metal tab that reads “battery.” Gently lift this tab up with your tool and slide the battery out of its compartment.
    6. To put the battery back in, simply reverse these steps!

    Does the Galaxy S8 Have a Removable Battery?

    The Galaxy S8 does not have a removable battery. The battery is sealed inside the phone and cannot be removed. This is similar to other flagship smartphones, such as the iPhone and Google Pixel.

    How to Replace the Battery on the Galaxy S8

    The Galaxy S8 has a non-removable battery. If your phone needs a new battery, you’ll need to take it to a Samsung service center or an authorized repair shop.

    To replace the battery on your Galaxy S8:

    1. Power down your phone.
    2. Remove the back cover.
    3. Remove the SIM card tray.
    4. Locate the battery connector and disconnect it.
    5. Lift the old battery out of the phone.
    6. Insert the new battery and reconnect the battery connector.
    7. Replace the SIM card tray and back cover.
    8. Power on your phone and ensure it is functioning properly.


    In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S8 does not have a removable battery. This is something that has become gradually less common in modern smartphones as manufacturers look for ways to make their devices thinner and more lightweight. However, if you require a removable battery for your smartphone then there are still plenty of options available on the market today, just be sure to check before making your purchase.

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