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    Illegal Drink Not Caught Leading To A Fuss: WHAT WERE THE ILLEGAL DRINKING DENS CALLED?

    Welcome to a fascinating journey into the world of illegal drinking dens that once thrived in the United States. The prohibition era may have ended long ago, but tales of speakeasies and underground bars continue to captivate our imaginations. But have you ever wondered what these secretive establishments were called? In this blog post, we delve into the history of prohibition-era drinking dens and explore some of their most colorful names. So buckle up, grab your favorite drink (legal or not!), and let’s dive in!

    The Illegal Drinking Dens Called

    Most people would think of a drinking den as a place where people go to enjoy themselves and let loose. However, for some people, these illegal drinking dens are known as hot spots for drugs and violence.

    One such illegal drinking den was called the Zone. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, it was raided by police in late 2013 after reports of gunfire and heavy intoxication. In total, 14 people were arrested and charged with various offences, including drug trafficking and firearms offences.

    The Zone is just one example of an illegal drinking den that has been caught on camera. There have been other instances where police have busted up bars and nightclubs that were known for their illicit activities. In some cases, these dens have been called “rat holes” or “drug houses.”

    Despite the negative connotations associated with these terms, many people still use them to describe these underground hangouts. They say that the terms are simply descriptive and don’t represent the type of establishment that is being talked about.

    What Happened When The Drink Was Caught?

    When a drink was caught being illegally consumed, it generally led to a fuss. Illegal drinking dens were often called “blind pigs” or “blind tigers.” The name comes from the fact that the patrons were not allowed to see the bartender. Drinking establishments that catered specifically to illegal drinkers were usually dark and dingy, and they were often located near seedy areas.

    How Did It Go Down?

    In Dublin, Ireland, a man was arrested after he allegedly urinated in public. The 38-year-old was caught by a bystander and subsequently arrested for public urination. The man was not carrying any alcohol with him at the time of the arrest and police are not yet sure what type of alcohol he was drinking.

    In England, a woman was arrested after she allegedly started a fight in a bar. The woman, who is 23 years old, allegedly became involved in an argument with another patron at the bar and began to throw punches. The fight then spilled out into the street where the police were called to intervene.

    In both cases, it is unclear what type of illegal drink the men were drinking when they were arrested. Police in Ireland say that it is possible that he was drinking whiskey while in England it is possible that he may have been drinking vodka or some other type of spirit. In either case, it is clear that these men were not driving under the influence of alcohol at the time they were arrested which likely saved them from getting behind the wheel and causing further trouble.


    If you were reading our website last week and saw the headline “Illegal Drink Not Caught Leading To A Fuss: WHAT WERE THE ILLEGAL DRINKING DENS CALLED?” you would have been right to assume that we had all caught the latest craze sweeping the nation – illegal drinking dens. But, like many things in life, what we thought was a secret drinking den turned out to be something quite different. In reality, these so-called dens are nothing more than public toilets which have been modified to give people the opportunity to drink without getting caught. Although this may not seem like such a big deal, it is important to remember that these places are illegal and can lead to criminal charges if spotted by police. If you want to stay safe when drinking alcohol and avoid any potential legal issues, make sure that you know where the legal drinking spots are located in your area.

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