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    If you’re a fan of the iconic movie, “Gone with the Wind,” then it’s likely that you’ve wondered about one thing: How many children did Scarlett O’Hara have? After all, she was a complicated character who went through lots of changes throughout the film. She was ambitious, fierce, and determined to survive no matter what. But when it came to her personal life and family, things were often more complicated than they seemed. So if you’re curious about how many little ones Scarlett brought into this world on-screen, keep reading!

    In the movie, “Gone with the Wind,” Scarlett O’Hara has three children: Ashley, John Ross and Melanie

    Scarlett O’Hara is married to Rhett Butler and they have three children together in the movie, “Gone with the Wind.” Ashley, John Ross and Melanie. However, there are actually four children in the novel that Scarlett had when she was married to her first husband, Charles Brandon. They were Francesca, Bonnie Bluegrass and Rhett Butler Jr.

    In the book, “Gone with the Wind,” Scarlett O’Hara has two children: Rhett Butler and Tara

    Scarlett O’Hara has two children in the book, “Gone with the Wind.” Rhett Butler and Tara. In the movie, Scarlett has a child with her first husband, Ashley Wilkes. This is not in the book. After she divorces Ashley, she has a child with her second husband, Frank Kennedy.

    In reality, Scarlett O’Hara probably had four or five children in real life

    In reality, Scarlett O’Hara probably had four or five children in real life. In the movie, she has three children with Rhett Butler: Ashley (portrayed by Heather Graham), Melanie (played by Michelle Williams), and Tara (played by Alexandra Daddario). However, there is evidence that suggests Scarlett may have had a fourth child with her first husband, Hugh FitzGerald. This child was never mentioned in the novel or film, but was mentioned in an historical document called The Lost Cause of the Confederacy. According to this document, FitzGerald and Scarlett had a daughter called Margaret who died shortly after birth.

    There is no definitive answer to how many children Scarlett O

    Scarlett O’Hara is one of the most iconic characters in American history. She first appeared in a 1926 novel by Margaret Mitchell and became a popular movie star in the 1940s. There is much speculation about how many children Scarlett O’Hara had in the movie industry, and no definitive answer can be given. Some claim that she had six children, while others say she had four. The most likely number is that Scarlett O’Hara had three children: her son Patrick, her daughter Tara, and her son John Ross.

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