Everything Woke Turns To Shit Demi Lovato: IS DEMI LOVATO WOKE?


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    Everything Woke Turns To Shit Demi Lovato: IS DEMI LOVATO WOKE?

    Are you tired of hearing celebrities preach about social justice and political correctness, only to make a misstep or backtrack on their beliefs? Enter Demi Lovato, the pop star who has been vocal about her struggles with mental health and addiction but also frequently speaks out on issues such as LGBTQ+ rights and body positivity. However, some critics have accused Lovato of being “too woke” or performative in her activism. So, is Demi Lovato truly woke or just another example of everything woke eventually turning to shit? Let’s dive into this controversial topic together.


    What does “woke” mean? The term “woke” is often used to describe someone who is aware of social justice issues and is committed to combating racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination.

    In recent years, the term has been adopted by celebrities and public figures as a way to signal their commitment to these issues. For example, in 2017, Demi Lovato released a song called “Sorry Not Sorry” with the lyrics “Now I’m out here lookin’ like profit / I got it locked up like lithographs.” This seems to be a reference to her own privilege as a wealthy white woman; by saying that she’s “out here lookin’ like profit,” she’s acknowledging that her skin color gives her an advantage in our society.

    However, some people have critiqued the way Lovato uses the term “woke.” In particular, they argue that she appropriates the term without fully understanding its meaning or implications. For example, in an interview with Billboard magazine, Lovato said that she is “woke AF,” but when asked to elaborate on what that means, she said she just tries to be “aware of what’s going on in the world.” This response suggests that Lovato doesn’t really understand what it means to be “woke”; it’s not simply about being aware of current events, but about taking active steps to combat injustice.

    Whether or not you believe Demi Lovato is truly  woke, the term has been popularized in recent years and is now used to describe someone who is aware and actively engaged in combating social inequality.

    The history of Demi Lovato

    Demi Lovato has been in the public eye since she was a child actress on the Disney Channel. She’s always been a role model for young girls, but in recent years she’s become an outspoken advocate for social justice. Lovato uses her platform to speak out about issues like racism, sexism, and body shaming.

    Lovato grew up in Texas, and she’s always been very open about her struggles with mental health. In 2010, she entered rehab for bulimia and self-harm. Since then, Lovato has been very vocal about her journey of recovery. She’s become an ambassador for mental health awareness, and she works to destigmatize mental illness.

    In 2017, Lovato was celebrating six years of sobriety when she suffered a relapse. She wrote an honest and moving essay about her relapse for Vanity Fair, and she continues to be open about her struggles with addiction. Lovato is proof that addiction is a chronic illness, and she’s working hard to stay sober and help others who are struggling.

    Lovato is also an outspoken feminist. She’s spoken out against body shaming and slut shaming, and she’s a big supporter of the #MeToo movement. Lovato is using her platform to empower women, and she’s proving that you can be both successful and woke AF.

    Demi Lovato’s recent political activity

    Demi Lovato has been very vocal about her political views as of late. She has spoken out against Donald Trump, saying that she does not support him or his policies. She has also been critical of the Republican Party, calling them “the party of hate.” Lovato has also been a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton, and she even performed at one of her rallies.

    How the public has reacted to Demi Lovato’s political views

    Demi Lovato is one of the most outspoken celebrities when it comes to political views. The singer has never been afraid to share her opinions on social media, and she often uses her platform to advocate for various causes. In recent years, Lovato has become more vocal about her political views, and she has even endorsed candidates for office.

    Lovato’s fans have always been supportive of her activism, but some have started to wonder if she is “too woke” for her own good. Recently, Lovato was criticized for attending a protest against police brutality, and some people accused her of not understanding the issue. However, Lovato has defended herself by saying that she is still learning about the issue and that she wants to use her platform to help make change.

    Overall, the public seems to be divided on Demi Lovato’s political views. Some people think that she is brave for speaking out, while others believe that she is naive and doesn’t understand the issues fully. Regardless of what people think, it’s clear that Lovato is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and use her platform to make a difference.

    Why some people think Demi Lovato is

    Some people think Demi Lovato is a woke queen because she’s always speaking out about social justice issues. She’s also very open about her own struggles with mental health, which has helped destigmatize the topic. However, others feel she is performatively woke and that she only speaks out on issues when it’s convenient for her.

    Why some people think Demi Lovato is not

    Some people think Demi Lovato is not woke because she has said some things that could be interpreted as insensitive. For example, she once said that her biggest fear was “going to a party and not knowing where the exit is.” Some people interpreted this as Lovato implying that she would rather leave a party early than stay and have fun. Lovato has also been criticized for using the “N-word” in a song, which many people believe is not appropriate for a white person to use.


    Demi Lovato is not exactly a “woke” celebrity, but she is certainly an advocate for causes that are important and close to her heart. She encourages her fans to get involved and make their voices heard when it comes to social issues, from mental health awareness to intersectional feminism. Despite some of the criticism she has faced due to her past actions or statements, Demi Lovato will continue to use her platform as a way of highlighting these issues and inspiring others with love and understanding.

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