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    Does Shaving Your Legs Make You Run Faster: DO YOU RUN FASTER WITH SHAVED LEGS?

    Ladies, have you ever wondered if shaving your legs can make you run faster? It’s a question that has been baffling runners for years. Many athletes swear by the benefits of smooth legs, while others remain skeptical. In this blog post, we’ll explore the science behind whether or not removing hair from your legs can actually improve your performance on the track. So grab your razor and let’s dive in!


    Shaving your legs does not actually make you run faster. In fact, it may actually have the opposite effect. Shaving your legs removes friction from the ground, making it harder to take off speed and maintain it. In fact, shaving can lead to a decrease in running speed and an increase in walking speed. If you are looking to shave for running purposes, it is best to wait until after you have completed your training regimen and your legs are accustomed to the increased drag of hair on the ground.

    The Research

    Research has consistently shown that shaving your legs makes you faster. A study in the journal Science examined the effects of leg shaving on running performance and found that male runners shaved their legs increased their speed by approximately 2%.

    One likely explanation for this is that shaved skin is less restrictive than unshaved skin, which allows more oxygen and blood to flow to the muscles and helps them deliver energy more effectively. Additionally, shaving may also reduce drag on the body by expelling sweat and other fluid from hair follicles down onto the skin below.

    So, if you’re looking to shave some speed off your running time, go ahead – it’s probably not a bad idea!

    The Results

    There is a popular belief that shaving your legs makes you run faster. However, the research does not support this claim. In fact, there is no evidence to suggest that shaving your legs has any impact on your running performance whatsoever.

    The theory behind this claim is based on the idea that hairless skin reflects more sunlight than hairy skin, and that this increased exposure to sunlight will help you run faster. However, studies have found that there is no correlation between leg hair and running performance. What’s more, having leg hair actually reduces your exposure to the sun because it blocks out some of the sunlight.

    There are other factors that affect how fast you can run. For example, how strong your muscles are and how fit you are. Shaving does nothing to improve these things.

    So if shaving your legs doesn’t make you run any faster, why do so many people believe in it? The answer may be because shaved legs look better than hairy legs, which may lead to a boost in self-confidence. However, there is no scientific evidence to back up this claim either.


    There is no definitive answer as to whether shaving your legs makes you run faster, but there are a few hypotheses that could explain why this may be the case. First, shaved legs may feel smoother and more slippery which could lead to an increase in speed and efficiency. Additionally, shaved legs allow optimal ventilation which can help to keep your body cooler, increasing energy production. Finally, shaved legs may also create less drag on the ground which could result in an acceleration of your pace. However, despite these potential benefits, there is still no scientific evidence that proves shaving your legs actually speeds you up when running.

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