Badass Girl Names – What are some badass girl names?



As a parent, you want your daughter to have the most badass name ever. I get it. You want her to stand out from the crowd and be respected by all. Well, it’s time for that baby girl of yours to receive a name that’s straight-up bad ass! Here are eleven names that fit this description perfectly:

Badass Girl Names

  • These are badass girl names. They’re not feminine, they’re unique and they would be good for daughters or sisters.
  • What the heck does “badass” mean? It means someone who does not take shit from anyone and has a lot of attitude.


Alexa is a name that means “defending men” and it’s a Greek baby name. The meaning of Alexa is “defending men”.

The origin of the name Alexa is Greek. It’s popularity has been steadily growing over the past few years, reaching its highest peak in 2018 when it was ranked #7 in the United States.


Bayleigh is a badass name.

Bayleigh is a unique name, meaning it’s not shared by many other people.

Bayleigh is a modern name, but still has classic elements that make it feel traditional and familiar.

Bayleigh is feminine without being overly girly or dainty (as some feminine names can be). In fact, there’s something about Bayleigh that feels very strong and powerful–like someone who could lift heavy things with ease! It also sounds like it would suit an athletic girl who likes sports or being active outside in general (e.g., hiking).


Brynlee is a great name for a girl. It’s a combination of Brad and Lynn, which is a good way to combine names. The name has a nice ring to it, but isn’t too common.

Brynlee is an awesome name because it combines two really cool names into one super cool name!


Caira is a Scottish name that means “rock.” It’s also popular in the United States and Australia, but it’s not very common in other countries.


Cadence is a name that is not used much. It is a good name for a daughter, but it’s also not too girly. Cadence has an air of sophistication to it and sounds very unique, so if you’re looking for something different this may be the perfect choice!


Camden is a city in New York, and it’s also the name of a county in New Jersey. It’s also the name of a river that runs through both states. The name Camden has been used for many years, but recently it seems like there are more girls named Camden than ever before!

If you love this name but want something slightly different, try using one of these nicknames: Cammie (short for Camden), Cammy (Cam-my), or even just plain old Mandy.


Cayden is a great name for a daughter. It’s not too feminine or masculine, but it’s still distinctly different from other names. It has an old-fashioned feel to it, which makes it unique and memorable. This is definitely a popular name that you can’t go wrong with!


Cecelia is a Latin name that means “blind.” It’s also a feminine name, and one of the most popular names in history.

Cecelia has many meanings: it can be translated into “blind,” but also means “dark-haired beauty,” or even “illuminating.”

The name is both elegant and sophisticated, making it perfect for your little girl!


Cleo is a Greek name that means “glory.” It was also the name of a famous actress, singer and cat!


Colette, a French origin name meaning “victorious” and famous bearers include French novelist Colette (born Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette) and actress Colleen Dewhurst, is a name that’s been around for centuries but still feels fresh today. It’s also one of those names with many spellings and pronunciations: Collette, Coletta or Colina are all acceptable variations; and if you’re looking for something even less common than those options consider spelling it with an ‘e’ at the end instead of an ‘a.’

Colette has been steadily rising in popularity over the last few years so we wouldn’t be surprised if it continues its upward trend!


Cora is a Greek name that means “maiden” and it’s also a Latin name meaning “dove”. It’s popular in the United States, but it’s not too feminine. This makes Cora a great choice for parents who want their daughter to be strong and independent, but don’t want her to feel like she doesn’t fit in with other girls her age because of her name.

These names are badass, not feminine, and would work well for daughters.

  • Warrior: A warrior is someone who fights for what she believes in, and this name is for girls who have that same spirit.
  • Rebel: A rebel can be a free spirit who doesn’t conform to societal norms, or it could be someone who stands up against injustice no matter the cost (think Rosa Parks). Either way, it’s a great name for little girls who aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves or others when needed!
  • Fighter: Fighters never give up without a fight–they’re resilient and tenacious in all situations, which makes them ideal role models for any little girl!

We hope this list has given you some ideas on how to name your daughter. If you’re looking for a more traditional name, we have plenty of those as well.

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    Are you tired of the same old princess names like Cinderella and Aurora? Are you looking for something more unique and daring for your little girl’s name? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore some of the most badass princess names from different royal houses throughout history. These names are not only powerful and strong but also carry a sense of regal elegance that will make any little girl feel like a true princess. So, let’s dive in and discover these fierce and inspiring names fit for modern-day royalty!

    Princess Badass of the House of York

    Princess Badass of the House of York was a woman ahead of her time. Her real name was Cecily Neville, but she gained notoriety due to her fierce personality and unyielding determination. She was known for being fiercely independent and assertive, qualities that were not often seen in women during her time.

    Despite living in a patriarchal society, Princess Badass refused to let anyone tell her what to do or whom to marry. She even defied the king’s orders by marrying the man she loved instead of his chosen suitor. This act alone proved how confident and self-assured she truly was.

    Princess Badass also played an important role during the War of Roses, where she supported her husband’s claim as King Edward IV over his rival Henry VI. Her support helped secure Edward IV’s victory, which ultimately led to peace between the two houses.

    Princess Badass’ legacy is one that should be celebrated by modern-day women who strive for independence and equality. Her strength and courage inspire us all to stand up for ourselves and never back down from our beliefs – just like a true badass princess!

    Princess Badass of the House of Lancaster

    The House of Lancaster was one of the most powerful royal houses during the medieval era in England. It’s no surprise that some badass princesses emerged from this family line, including Princess Badass of the House of Lancaster.

    This fierce and independent princess had a reputation for being both intelligent and cunning. She was a skilled warrior who could wield a sword just as well as any man on the battlefield. Her bravery and strategic mind made her an invaluable asset to her family’s military campaigns.

    But Princess Badass wasn’t just tough on the battlefield. She was also known for her sharp wit and political savvy. She knew how to navigate court life with ease, using her intelligence to outmaneuver even the most seasoned politicians.

    Despite facing opposition from those who underestimated her because she was a woman, Princess Badass proved time and time again that she deserved respect for her skills and accomplishments. And while history may have forgotten many details about this fascinating royal figure, it’s clear that she left an indelible mark on the House of Lancaster – and on England itself.

    Princess Badass of the House of Windsor

    Last but not least, we have Princess Badass of the House of Windsor. The most recent addition to the British royal family is Meghan Markle, who married Prince Harry in 2018 and became Duchess of Sussex. Although she is no longer a working member of the royal family, her impact on modernizing the monarchy and breaking down barriers cannot be denied.

    Meghan has always been an advocate for women’s rights and social justice issues. She was a UN Women Ambassador before marrying into royalty and continued this work during her time as a senior member of the royal family. She also founded The Tig, which was a lifestyle website focused on empowering women through fashion, food, travel, and other topics.

    Aside from her activism work, Meghan also made headlines for handling intense scrutiny from the media with grace and poise. Her willingness to speak out about mental health struggles helped break down stigmas surrounding this important topic.

    In conclusion (just kidding!), there are plenty of badass princesses throughout history that have left their mark on society in different ways. Whether they were warriors or activists or simply broke down gender norms within their own families or communities – these women deserve our recognition and admiration for paving way for future generations to come.

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