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Do you remember the anime that has an eyepatch wearing girl? I’m talking about Black Lagoon, which is a very popular and well known anime. It’s set in a fictional country called Roanapur, where crime is rampant and heavily armed gangs roam the streets. The girl with the eyepatch is Revy, who is a cold-blooded killer who only wears one eye patch since her other eye was destroyed by shrapnel during a mission for her employer Roberta

The girl with the eyepatch is from an anime called Black Lagoon.

Black Lagoon is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rei Hiroe. It was serialized in Shogakukan’s Monthly Sunday Gene-X from 2002 to 2006, with the chapters collected into twelve tankōbon volumes. The story follows Rokuro Okajima, a Japanese businessman whose family has long owned a small seaside hotel. After an encounter with members of a crime syndicate who are using his hotel as their base of operations, he becomes indebted to them and must work for them until he can pay off his debt by providing them with whatever they want–including murder jobs if need be!

The main character’s name is Rock (his real name). He’s an outlaw who wears an eye patch over one eye because he lost it during some kind of fight-related accident. He has two partners named Revy (short for Rebecca) and Dutch who help him out on missions throughout most of this anime series’ run time period – which is 24 episodes long total but each episode lasts only 20 minutes so there aren’t that many overall hours worth watching here either way compared against other types like slice-of-life shows which tend toward shorter seasons but much longer running times per episode within those seasons themselves (i’m looking at you My Hero Academia).

It’s a dark anime that has some mature themes and is set in a fictional country called Roanapur, where crime is rampant and heavily armed gangs roam the streets.

A girl with an eyepatch is the protagonist of an anime called Black Lagoon. The series is set in a fictional country called Roanapur, where crime is rampant and heavily armed gangs roam the streets.

The show has some mature themes that may not be suitable for younger viewers: there’s lots of violence, including casual use of guns; characters get shot (and sometimes killed), but there isn’t any graphic gore; there are some sexual references/implications regarding one character’s past as well as implied prostitution by other characters (although nothing explicit).

The girl with the eyepatch is Revy, who is a cold-blooded killer.

The girl with the eyepatch is Revy, who is a cold-blooded killer. She’s a member of the Lagoon Company and Dutch’s Gang. Her name is Revy (her real name is unknown).

Revy carries two pistols and has an impressive amount of skill with them, not only shooting people but also using them as melee weapons to knock out or kill opponents who are too close for comfort. She’s also pretty handy with knives and other small weapons such as brass knuckles or throwing darts, making her an excellent fighter overall despite lacking any obvious superpowers like superhuman strength or speed beyond what most trained humans could achieve through hard work alone–although she does have some skills at hand-to-hand combat thanks to training from Balalaika when they were younger together as part of their unit within Black Lagoon Company called Balalaika’s Security Agency; however even though these skills aren’t exactly rare among military personnel today since modern warfare requires soldiers who can handle themselves when things go south unexpectedly while still following orders given by their superiors without question even if those orders may seem morally questionable at first glance due largely due largely towards advances made over time thanks mostly towards technology allowing us access better ways than ever before pertaining specifically towards communications technology like cellphones today enabling us access vital information quickly no matter where we’re located geographically speaking so long as there’s service available nearby.

She only wears one eye patch since her other eye was destroyed by shrapnel during a mission for her employer, Roberta.

  • She is a cold-blooded killer who doesn’t hesitate to murder anyone who gets in her way or crosses her path.
  • She’s also an expert marksman, proficient with both handgun and long gun weapons. Her preferred weapon is an M16A2 assault rifle with grenade launcher attachment that she uses to great effect against enemies at long range (she rarely uses explosives).
  • In addition to being skilled with firearms, Revy has shown herself capable of taking on opponents in hand-to-hand combat using various martial arts techniques such as kung fu and kickboxing; however she prefers not getting into melee combat unless absolutely necessary because it would expose her weak points like her injured right shoulder which prevents her from lifting heavy objects without causing considerable pain due its damaged ligaments caused by frequent use throughout years spent training herself physically fit enough endure rigorous missions under harsh conditions where injury could occur regularly without notice beforehand so there would be no surprises if something were ever happen unexpectedly during those times when things go wrong unexpectedly which happens more often than people think especially considering how dangerous world outside our own planet Earth really is nowadays due global warming effects caused by manmade pollution affecting everyone all over planet Earth regardless race gender orientation age ethnicity religious beliefs etcetera

This is a very popular and well known anime

This is a very popular and well known anime, so if you’re looking for more information on it, there are plenty of sites out there that can help. Black Lagoon is a dark anime set in a fictional country called Roanapur where crime is rampant and heavily armed gangs roam the streets. The story follows Rock (a member of one such gang), Revy (a female assassin) and Benny as they take on various jobs involving guns, violence and blood splatterings. It’s not for everyone though – some people might find it too violent or gory for their tastes!

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    Have you ever noticed how a simple accessory like an eyepatch can add so much depth and intrigue to a character’s appearance? In anime, it’s no different. One of the most iconic looks is the girl with an eyepatch. It’s a design that captures our attention and piques our curiosity about who she is and what happened to her eye. From badass fighters to mysterious schoolgirls, there are countless anime characters rocking this unique look. So today, we’ll be exploring some of the top anime with girls wearing eyepatches and even give tips on how to choose the right one for your style!

    The Different Types of Eyepatches

    Eyepatches are not only a functional accessory but also an amazing fashion statement. There are many different types of eyepatches available in the market, each with their own unique style and purpose.

    One type is the classic black patch, which is commonly associated with pirates. This design has become so iconic that it’s often used for cosplay costumes or even as a trendy accessory for everyday wear.

    Another type is the medical eye patch, which is usually made from soft materials like cotton and designed to be comfortable to wear over longer periods. These patches are ideal for people recovering from eye surgery or those suffering from temporary vision loss.

    For those looking to make a bold statement, there are decorative eyepatches that come in various colors and patterns. Rhinestones, studs, embroidery – you name it! These patches can add some serious flair to any outfit while still serving their practical purpose.

    No matter what your style or need may be, there’s an eyepatch out there perfect for you!

    Top Anime With a Girl Wearing an Eyepatch

    Anime with girl wearing an eyepatch is a popular trope in anime culture. It adds to the character’s mysteriousness and often symbolizes their strength or injury. Here are the top 10 anime that feature a girl wearing an eyepatch.

    1. Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World
    Rem, one of the main characters, wears an eyepatch as part of her maid outfit.

    2. Date A Live
    Kotori Itsuka sports an eye patch which contains her power and helps keep it under control until she unleashes it.

    3. Black Bullet
    Enju Aihara wears her red-and-black eyepatch to cover up her cursed eye that can turn anyone into stone.

    4. Tokyo Ghoul
    Ken Kaneki’s love interest, Touka Kirishima, wears a mask with one side covered by an eyepatch during ghoul hunts.

    5. Higurashi When They Cry
    Rika Furude has a noticeable scar on one eye from when she was abused as a child.

    6. One Piece
    Nico Robin lost her left eye at some point before joining Luffy’s crew and now covers it with an elegant black leather patch embroidered in gold thread

    7. High School DxD
    Koneko Toujou accidentally injured herself while trying to use magic; thus creating the need for her iconic yellow cat-shaped patch which also signifies where she gets most of her powers from

    8. Tactical Roar
    Mikoi Sasaki is required to wear multiple patches over both eyes due to severe motion sickness but this doesn’t stop her from being part of special marine unit tasked with fighting sea monsters

    9. Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki
    Ibuki loses his right arm and left leg along with his dragon pact so Eiha decides take off both arms and gives him two new mechanical arms along with matching metallic blue eyepatch

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    Remember, an eyepatch doesn’t have to be boring or uncomfortable. There are many stylish options available that can make wearing an eyepatch more enjoyable.

    Whether it’s for medical reasons or just as a fashion statement, there are plenty of anime characters who wear eye patches that may inspire you in choosing the right one for yourself!

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