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    1 Minute Plank Equals How Many Sit-Ups: WHAT IS THE PLANKS TO CRUNCHES CONVERSION?


    When most people think of a plank, they probably think of a challenging exercise that requires a lot of sweat and effort. But did you know that 1 minute of plank exercise equals how many sit-ups? Planks are an excellent way to burn fat, strengthen your core, and increase your overall fitness. And since they’re so easy to do at home, there’s no reason not to incorporate them into your routine. Here’s a quick guide on how to do a plank correctly and see big results in no time!

    The PtoC Planks to Crunch Conversion

    The PtoC Planks to Crunch conversion is the number of planks you need to do to equal the number of sit-ups. The calculation is as follows:
    2 planks = 1 sit-up
    4 planks = 2 sit-ups
    6 planks = 3 sit-ups
    8 planks = 4 sit-ups
    10 planks = 5 sit-ups
    12 planks = 6 sit-ups
    14 planks = 7 sit-ups
    16 planks = 8 sit-ups
    18 planks = 9 sits


    If you’re looking to add a bit of resistance training to your routine, the 1-minute plank is a great way to start. Planks are one of the most effective exercises for building core strength and stability, and by doing them for just one minute, you can equal the number of sit-ups that you would get in a standard 30-minute workout. If you want to amp up the intensity, try adding some crunching movements after your plank session for an extra boost of muscle growth and definition.


    Planks and crunches are two types of abdominal exercises that target the core muscles. Planking is an isometric exercise, where the abs are held in a static position for a set amount of time, while crunches involve lifting the torso off the ground with a flexion movement. The question often arises: how many sit-ups does one minute of planking equal?

    The answer to this question depends on several factors such as fitness level, strength, and experience. Generally speaking, one minute of planking can be equivalent to doing about 15 sit-ups or crunches. This number can vary based on intensity and form – if you’re performing higher intensity planks or holding them for longer than one minute then it could equate to more sit-ups.


    Are you looking for a quick way to burn calories and build strength without spending hours in the gym? If so, you may be interested in the plank-to-crunch conversion. 🤔

    Planking is an excellent form of exercise that can help to strengthen your core and tone your abs. It can also help to burn calories and improve posture. 💪

    So, how many sit-ups is equivalent to one minute of planking? 🤔

    The answer is surprisingly simple: one minute of planking is equivalent to 30 sit-ups. 🤗

    This means that if you do a one-minute plank every day, you can work the same muscles as if you did 30 sit-ups. 🤩

    Now, if you want to use planking as a form of strength training, you may want to increase the number of sit-ups you do in relation to the plank. 🤓

    For example, if you do a two-minute plank, you may want to do 60 sit-ups for a more intense and challenging workout. 💪

    Now, if you want to turn your plank into a more aerobic exercise, you could try doing a plank walk. 🤩

    This involves alternating between a plank and a walk for one minute. This can help to burn more calories and get your heart rate up. 😅

    So, there you have it: one minute of planking equals 30 sit-ups. If you want to increase the intensity of your workout, you can play around with the plank-to-crunch conversion. 🤗

    Just remember to always listen to your body and make sure you don’t push yourself too hard. 🤗

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